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Many years ago, in 2005, I put together a system that would automatically construct poems from snippets of prose, what I called textoems by Otto Poe Trea. I extracted phrases from various books, analyzed their rhyme and rhythm, and then set up a web page that would put poems together from those phrases. There were some standard types (sonnet, limerick villanelle), or the user could specify their own rhyme and rhythm schemes.

Due to the vagaries of the internet, that web site disappeared into the ether. However, I still have the original, and a recent query prompted me to look at it again and revive poor Otto. I have made only minor changes to the pages, mainly fixing/removing links. I've learned a lot about web programming since 2005, and there are many things I'd do differently now. But sometimes it's enough just to enjoy the past as it was. So go check out Otto Poe Trea's textoems!

Every time you, or anyone else, visits this page, there will be a different textoem — Otto is very accommodating that way.