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Raining on your parade?

Do you ever feel like life is raining on your parade? I mean, how often do you have big plans for Saturday only to have it rain? Having recently moved to Seattle, with its reputation for rain, I decided to see how much parade-raining life brought to Seattle last year.

The first thing is to see how many rainy days there actually were last year — about 44%, counting days with trace precipitation as "dry" days, since this is Seattle after all.

Rainy vs dry days, Seattle 2017

Now we can check to see if it rains more than average on Saturdays. Nope — Saturdays were actually a bit below average for being rainy.

Rain by day of the week, Seattle 2017

OK, Saturdays aren't extraordinarily rainy. However, I don't know about you, but I find it extra annoying when Friday is a nice day and then it rains on Saturday, just when I'm ready to get out. How was Seattle on that front? Hmph, Saturdays were slightly worse than average on the nice to rainy score, but not too bad.

Rain after dry day, Seattle 2017

All in all, after taking a look at the numbers, I'm cautiously optimistic that Seattle won't rain on my parade, at least not too often. Here's hoping!

Technical details

The data is from the National Weather Service, which I compiled automatically using Python. The visualizations were made with Altair in JupyterLab.