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More snow flocks

I have updated the Snow flocks to have a second variation: flurries.

Wednesday's post has some technical details. Here are some more.

As I mentioned in the other details, the snow flocks do not use randomization, unlike other flocking examples you'll find on the web. So where do the initial snow flocks come from?

As with some of my other projects, the input comes from text. For the "steady" snow flocks, I use the winter holiday greetings in English ("Happy Holidays"), Italian ("Buone Feste"), and German ("Frohes Fest"), the languages of the countries I've lived in over the past several years.

For the "flurries" snow flocks, I use the lyrics to ... "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!". The Wikipedia entry says that the song was written during a heatwave in California in July, but you don't have wait until July to watch the Snow Flocks.