chris CuC02

Born in the U.S., I am a computer scientist and linguist who has worked around the world for universities, corporations and public/private research labs. My background includes teaching: I’ve been everything from a math teacher in Mali, to a professor of linguistics in the U.S. and a professor of computational linguistics in Germany. I’ve also been a researcher and consultant, working first in linguistics in academia then in computational linguistics and artificial intelligence in Silicon Valley and most recently on language data visualization in Europe.  

Information about recent free language visualization tools I have developed can be found in the Linguistic section of this website.

You can view my complete CV in pdf format here.   I am currently available for guest lectures, workshops, consulting, or more long-term opportunities.


When I’m not working on language visualization, I pursue my related interest in digital art, as well as photography. Over the past 5 years my works have been exhibited and collected internationally. Selected examples of my work and information on how to purchase them can be found in the Artistic section of this website.

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