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When we look at a visualization, we cannot help but see patterns. This is what makes visualizations so useful in exploring and analyzing data, as recognition of those patterns can lead to new hypotheses, confirmation (or disconfirmation) of previous hypotheses, or perhaps entirely new avenues to pursue.  

While visualizations are used in many domains, I am particularly interested in visualizations for exploring and analyzing any kind of language related data. Over the past few years I have developed many free visualization tools, (including DoubletreeJS, shown at left). A key aspect of facilitating exploration and analysis is the ability to quickly and easily interact with the data, to try out new ideas as they occur. This is the reason my visualizations tools are necessarily interactive, drawing on principles of Human Computer Interaction design to make the tools easy to use. 

My overarching goal is to help language professionals, linguists, humanists, translators, teachers and others understand their data better. With a background in linguistics and computer science, I not only understand the kinds of issues that language professionals are concerned with, but also can develop the tools that will improve their work capabilities. Crucially, I work together with domain experts to come up with visualizations tailored to their specific needs.

With my varied experiences and interests in linguistics, computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, and visualization, I am typically a bridge between different groups, fostering new collaborations and improved relations among people with different interests and concerns. I have worked successfully in universities, public/private research labs, and companies, and I am constantly seeking new avenues for collaboration. 

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