Textoems by Otto Poe Trea

© Copyright 2005 Chris Culy All Rights Reserved

Quatrain of the Day

Who is Otto and what are textoems?

More textoems (don't try this with slower connections!)

Keyboard Help

To reorder the lines of the textoem, you can just type the numbers of the lines in the order in which you want them to be, e.g. 3 2 1. Then press "return". The lines should rearrange themselves.

To see another textoem, press "a". To add the current textoem to the "keepers", press "k"

The textoem is kept hilighted in order to take advantage of the Safari TTS feature of reading hilighted text. See "Spoken User Interface" under "Speech" in the System preferences.

The access key for the textoem is "t"; the access key for the keepers is "k".